Queensland Government Schools

Queensland Government schools provide students with a wide range of high quality study pathways. Safety, support, academic excellence and competitive costs make Queensland Government schools an outstanding choice for an overseas study experience.

Queensland Government schools offer a variety of programs to international students at over 70 registered schools across Queensland. Excellence programs are available in golf, aviation, dance, soccer, tennis, basketball, performing arts, fine arts, science and mathematics.

  • Junior High School (years 7 to 10)
  • Senior High School (years 11 and 12)

  • https://eqi.com.au/

    Academic Excellent and integrated university pathways

  • Internationally recognised high school qualifications that combine theoretical and practical learning to equip students for tertiary studies and professional careers
  • 89.8 percent of Queensland Government high school students gain an offer to a tertiary institution
  • Quality assurance

  • Registered teachers at Queensland Government high schools hold a minimum of a four year undergraduate university degree, many with postgraduate qualifications
  • Small class sizes: with a limit on the number of students in each class in all junior and senior high school grades.