For the welfare and safety of everyone and to help in the smooth running of the school, the following rules are laid down:

1. School opening hours are from 08.30 am to 17.00 p.m.
2. Students must be at school 10 minutes before the class starts.
3. Students must wear their school uniform at all times, inside and outside the school during school hours.
4. Parents are not allowed inside the school unless an appointment with the ADOS or Class Teacher has been previously organised.
5. Parents are not allowed to take photos of the students inside the school. Any photos of classroom activities and/or excursions will be emailed to the student’s families if requested.
6. Students are expected to behave with courtesy and consideration at all times.
7. Students must bring to school a packed lunch, fruit and water. We encourage children to have water bottles in classrooms.
8. The school expects students behave in a quiet and orderly manner during meal times. They should be polite to supervisory assistants at all times and remain on school premises after their meal.
9. We expect all students to respect their own and other people property and make sure that school premises and its surroundings are kept in good condition.
10. Any form of violence towards others e.g. fighting, verbal violence (swearing, verbal bullying etc.), will lead to those involved being disciplined.
11. We recommend that children leave toys and other personal belongings at home and do not bring them into school. The school will take no responsibility for any personal property lost at school.
12. Children should access school via Adelaide Street at all times (Brisbane Campus).
13. Students must be picked up by 17.00 p.m.
14. Students are not allowed to leave the school premises unless accompanied by an authorised adult.

These rules are brought to the attention of parents and your child’s attendance at the school is an implicit indication that parents accept them as being reasonable. We ask, therefore, that you read over the rules with your child and support us in our efforts to see that BROWNS English Language School continues to be a happy, caring and disciplined environment for everyone.